Asking Great Questions

Monthly Focus for November 2021

In coaching (as in most of life), it’s tempting to overdo things, especially good things.  Such is the case with coaching questions.  Questions are a good and important aspect of coaching, which is why it’s so tempting to overdo questions.  We can put so much emphasis on questions that we begin to think there’s little else to coaching other than asking the right question at the right time.

Once we wake up to the fact that there’s much more to coaching than asking questions, it’s tempting to overdo this fact!  In our efforts to put questions in their proper place, we can deemphasize them too much.  Ugh!

In this month’s community focus, we’re going to do our best to put questions in their rightful place.  While questions are not everything about coaching, they are still important and they matter greatly.  So during this month’s members only webinar, we’re going to give them some well-deserved attention (without overdoing it!).

Join the webinar live on November 11 at 11am Eastern Time, or watch the video here on the member website. See you then!

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