Coaching in a Ministry Context

Monthly Focus for February 2020

Don’t miss this month’s CAM Community of Coaches webinar, which will focus on applying coaching to a ministry context.  What do we mean by a “ministry context?”  Well, we’re focused on much more than just local church staff.  We’re interested in church, para-church, and denominational settings as well those who do ministry as a vocation or as a volunteer.  The main thing I’m intrigued with is how coaching enhances key ministry objectives, no matter the specifics of a ministry setting.

To help explore this month’s focus, I want to invite you to do two things:

  • Leave a comment in the CAM Community of Coaches private Facebook group. Tell the community about your experience, your ideas, your suggestions, etc.
  • Join us for the monthly webinar, which will be held February 13th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

Thanks for being a part of the CAM Community of Coaches and for helping express God’s kingdom through coaching.

Coaching Teams

Monthly Focus for January 2020

You’re a member of the CAM Community of Coaches for one simple reason: you want to be a better coach.  Since this is a goal shared by you and the couple of hundred other coaches in the community, our team offers a monthly focus.  This month’s focus: teams. 

Teams benefit greatly from coaching, but coaching teams is not always the easiest thing in the world.  The dynamics are more complex.  The coaching skills get practiced in distinct ways.  And the relationship between coach and client gets tricky (after all, WHO IS the client?). 

If you have experience coaching teams, please offer up some insights and best practices in the community Facebook group this month.  (If you’re not on Facebook, just send your message to our community organizer, Martin Torres and he’ll post it for you). 

Also, be sure to check out this month’s CAM Community of Coaches webinar, which is January 9 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.  During the webinar, we’ll address some key issues for getting great results when coaching teams.  Join in the webinar or check out the recording here on the member website!

Jesus Never Coached, per se

Monthly Focus for December 2019

Since this is the Christmas season, I’d like to tell you what I want for Christmas… from you!

I’d like for you to share something in the CAM Community of Coaches private Facebook group.  To be more specific, I’d like to hear from you about how your coaching is shaped by Jesus.

While Jesus is not a life coach, he is an example and inspiration for Christian coaches.  I’d love to hear how this is true for you.  Please share your experience in the private Facebook group for the CAM Community.  If you’re not on Facebook, that’s no problem – just email your experiences to our Community Coordinator Martin Torres and he’ll post them for you.)

In this month’s membership webinar, Brian shares aspects of Jesus’ ministry that have a great impact on today’s Christian coaches.  If you miss the webinar, be sure to catch the archived recording, which can be found by clicking on the webinar tab at the top of the page.