The Secret to Asking Great Questions

Monthly Focus for June 2020

Coaches love questions, but do we love questions too much?  Is there even such a thing?

Questions are awesome because they are tools for exploration.  A question can reveal something new for a client, in a client, and about a client.  A question can open up new possibilities and actually create new pathways forward.

Coaches go too far with questions when we stop using them as instruments and start idolizing a question as an end in itself.  Coaching is about clients, not about questions.  We have to make clients the priority and not become infatuated with wonderfully-worded questions.

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches webinar we will focus on questions because questions are worth our attention.  When we get better at questions, we get better at coaching – and that’s the point, right?!?

Be sure to tune in to the Member webinar: either live on Thursday June 11 at 11:00 AM Eastern or later here on the member website!

Coaching a Group

Monthly Focus for May 2020

The CAM Community of Coaches exists to make your life as a coach better and one of the ways we do that is by helping coaches like you step into challenging coaching situations with confidence and competence.  Coaching groups is one such challenging situation.

Coaching a group might sound complicated or intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  In this month’s community webinar, we will examine how coaching a group uses the same coaching skills as when you work with individuals, with just a few extras to account for the group dynamic.  It’s those few extras that make all the difference!

Be sure to join me for the monthly Members’ Only Webinar on Thursday May 14 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, or you can check out recording here on the member site!

What Makes Coaches Quit?

Monthly Focus for April 2020

First of all, let me be clear that my intent with this email is NOT to make you quit!

At CAM, we want coaches to coach and to stick with coaching.  Why?  Because God uses coaches to help others grow, achieve, and succeed in so many wonderful ways.  However, not all coaches stick with coaching long enough to get great at it and to make the impact they could make.

This month the CAM Community of Coaches will focus on the question of what makes coaches quit?  We want to bring attention to the factors that cut short too many coaching journeys.  Our hope is that in bringing attention to the quit factors we can increase the stick-to-it factors and keep you in the coaching game.

To this end, be sure to mark your calendar for the monthly members’ only webinar on Thursday April 9 at 11AM Eastern Time.  During the webinar we will ask and address the question to help you coach for the long term.