Helping Clients with Decision Making

Monthly Focus for April 2021

Life is full of decisions.  Think for a moment about the decisions you’ve made already this year – from what to have for dinner 90 times already to how to respond to covid to how to respond to other peoples’ covid responses.  Now, think for another moment about the decisions you’ve helped your clients make so far this year.

Life is full of decisions, which helps explain why coaching relationships are full of decisions.  Here’s a piece of friendly coaching advice: to be a truly helpful coach, get great at helping clients make decisions. 

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches, we’ll focus our members’ webinar on decision-making.  Join me April 8 at 11:00 AM for the webinar, or watch the recording here on the member website.



Getting Clients

Monthly Focus for March 2021

Each month the CAM Community of Coaches focuses on an issue of importance to coaches.  This month, our aim is to convince you to stop selling coaching.  That’s right, we want you to STOP selling coaching.

Why would we do this?  Simple: when you stop trying to get clients to buy coaching, you can shift to helping your clients buy outcomes.  That might sound like a subtle shift, but it’s actually an incredibly important pivot that 100% necessary if you want to get more clients.

This month, we want to explore selling outcomes (not coaching) as our focus. Join the webinar at 11am EST on Thursday, March 11th to get focused!

Helping People Change

Monthly Focus for February 2021

We are officially far enough into the new year that any resolutions have either stuck or have long been forgotten.  Unfortunately, most attempts to change go bye-bye, but why?

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches we’re going to look at the significance of change and how change, transition, and transformation are distinct concepts.  This is a major emphasis in our CAM 503 course, but it’s a truth that is easy to forget and difficult to put into practice.

We’ll review change, transition, and transformation in our monthly webinar and discover what it means to help people change.