Triple Loop Coaching Model

Monthly Focus for September 2021

Okay, confession: this post is not about ice skating.  Thankfully, our team is not going to try to teach the triple loop jump. Also thankfully, we are not going to attempt a triple loop jump.  Our insurance providers can rest easy.

Instead, this concerns one of the best coaching models we know of: the triple loop model.  It’s a model we teach in CAM 503 Coaching Change, Transition, and Transformation, and it’s a great model for understanding the levels of change needed to help create deep, lasting, real forward movement.

If you need a refresher on the model (or if you’ve never heard of it!), join Brian Miller for this month’s community webinar.  In the webinar, Brian will lead an exploration of the model and how it can be used in your coaching to support client growth.  After the webinar, the recording will be stored here on the member website.  Be sure to tune in to learn how best to apply the triple loop in your coaching!

Accountability Is Not Like Lima Beans

Monthly Focus for July 2021

I admit that I hate lima beans. I ate them once in 1982 and I recall them tasting like a mixture of chalk and glue. I seriously thought my mother was trying to poison me. I haven’t touched them since.

If you’re like many coaches, accountability can be a bit like lima beans – you know it’s good for you, but it’s far from tasty.

In this month’s CAM Community of Coaches, our goal is to help you embrace accountability and see it for what it is: an important, essential, and actually enjoyable aspect of coaching.  Join us July 8 at 11AM Eastern Time for the members only webinar to learn how to make the most of accountability in your coaching!

Exploring the Top Half of the Hourglass

Monthly Focus for June 2021

One of our favorite coaching models is the Hourglass model. It’s a simple, but powerful model that imagines a coaching conversation in three phases:

  1. In the top half of the hourglass, we explore an issue and narrow to find the “pinch point” of the issue
  2. In the bottom half, we expand to explore possibilities and options for addressing the pinch point
  3. As the sand piles up, we experience the third movement, which is to narrow our options to specific actions that get well designed

In my experience training coaches, I find that many coaches are unsure how to make the most of the top portion of the hourglass.  They don’t know how to explore an issue fully and too often rush to the pinch point or skip the top half and try to get right into exploring what can be done.

This month in the CAM Community of Coaching, our members only webinar will address how best to explore the top half of the hourglass.  We’ll offer some best practices and practical tools that will help you evoke true awareness early in the coaching conversation.