Coaching Package + Benefits = Lots of Clients

Monthly Focus for August 2018

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches, we are giving some much-needed attention to a handy formula that describes a proven path for gaining clients.  Here’s the formula:

Coaching Package + Benefits = Lots of Clients

Most of us want lots of clients, but we aren’t clear on how to go about getting them.  All of that “marketing” stuff just seems so foreign and difficult.  The above formula is meant to simplify the complexity and provide a singular path forward amidst all the possible ways to get lots of clients.

So what’s a coaching package?  It’s the combination of the actual coaching relationship with other related resources that enhance the quality of the coaching and the outcomes for the client.  For example, a coaching package might include 2 monthly sessions, e-mail support between sessions, access to a video course, and a coaching workbook.

Okay, so what about benefits?  These are the types of outcomes that a potential client can reasonably expect to gain from the coaching package.  For example, the benefits of leadership coaching might include improved relationships at work and home, reduced stress, greater confidence, and increased productivity for self and those you lead.

When coaches create a package and talk about benefits, they naturally attract the right clients.  Remember, nobody buys coaching – they buy a solution to a problem.  Your coaching package and benefits speak to specific clients with specific problems that get addressed via the coaching relationship.

Five Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Monthly Focus for June 2018

To err is human.  I think I read that on a bumper sticker, but I also think it’s true.  We all make mistakes.  It’s good to admit that you’re a mistake-maker so you can become a mistake-avoider.

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches, we are focusing on “Five Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making as a Coach.”  What are those five mistakes, well, that’s the content of our Monthly Members Only Webinar, which my good friend Bill Copper will lead on June 14th.

In the meantime, reflect on the quality of your own coaching.  What mistakes do you think you might be making?  If you had to list your five most common mistakes, what would make your list?  Please share your list in our private Facebook group or send your list to our new Community Coordinator, Martin Torres (

Have a great month of June!

How to Get Clients Without an Email List

Monthly Focus for May 2018

This month’s focus in the CAM Community of Coaches is “How to Get Clients Without an Email List.”  Getting clients can be challenging, so let me share some quick thoughts on the topic, whether you use email or work the old-fashioned way:

  • People do business with those they know, like, and trust.
  • Nobody can hire you if they don’t know you, so as a coach you have to work to help people get to know you (and you to get to know them).
  • People don’t have to know you directly. Your current network can introduce you to potential clients, so be sure to make it easy for your current network to make referrals.
  • Not everyone who knows you will like you. Be humble and accept this simple fact of life.  Move on and don’t let this truth prevent you from working to expand your network.
  • Not everyone who likes you will trust you. Trust takes time to develop and the best ways to help incubate trust are to provide real value and to always put others first.
  • Not everyone who trusts you should hire you. Only those who trust that you can help them with a challenge/opportunity they face should become clients.
  • Be clear about the specific benefits clients can expect from working with you. This will make the decision to hire you much easier and will also help spur referrals.

I’ll bet you have some other great thoughts on this topic, so be sure to share those in the private Facebook group.  If you’re not on FB, just email your thoughts to a member of our team and we’ll post them for you.

I look forward to hearing the ways you get clients (with or without an email list).