Models vs. Frameworks

Monthly Focus for May 2022

Like many endeavors, the field of coaching has our own jargon.  Words that, to an outsider, might sound like the same concept mean something slightly (or totally) different to an insider.  Such is the case with “models” and “frameworks.”  The two concepts are related, but understanding the difference can help us use each more effectively with our clients.

This month the CAM Community of Coaches will focus on the distinction between models and frameworks, especially how coaches can employ each to greatest effectiveness with our clients.  This will be the focus for our monthly members-only webinar on May 12 at 11:00AM.  During that time, I will explore the difference between models and frameworks, offer useful examples of each, and facilitate cross-learning with you and other coaches.  I hope you’ll plan to join us.

Thanks so much for being a member of the CAM Community of Coaches!

Grow Your Practice

Monthly Focus for April 2022

It’s springtime in the United States and with the season comes growth – not just for the flora and fauna of nature, but also for your coaching practice.

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches we are focused on supporting the growth of your practice, and I am really excited that Karen Howells will be a part of the effort.  Karen is a professional coach in Portland, Oregon whom I’ve known for over a decade.  She is a brilliant person, a successful coach, and has a heart for helping others.  I’ve asked her to join this month’s member webinar to share some insights about growing a coaching practice.

Our aim with this month’s webinar is to have more of a conversation (vs. a presentation), so come ready to learn, ask questions, offer ideas, and contribute to the learning.  The webinar is Thursday, April 14 at 11AM Eastern Time, and we’ll add the recording to our member website in case you have to miss attending live.


Coaching an Organization to Improve

Monthly Focus for March 2022

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches we are focused on a specific application of coaching that many coaches often face: how to coach an organization through an improvement process.  Just like individual clients, organizations need to improve the ways they operate if they are going to improve the outcomes they experience.

Our monthly webinar will feature Kevin Krosley, a CAM-trained coach who is doing quite a bit of this kind of coaching and has some best practices to share with the rest of our community.  For a preview, check out a podcast episode with Brian and Kevin discussing the topic.  The monthly webinar will be Thursday March 10 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.  I hope you can join us then for a time of sharing, receiving, learning and growing.  See you then!