Get Some (More!) Clients

Monthly Focus for September 2019

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches, we are talking about getting clients.  One important aspect of getting clients is “marketing.”  But what is marketing and how can Christian coaches do marketing well?

Marketing involves helping people find out about the opportunity to work with you and develop an interest in hiring you.  I like to distinguish marketing from sales, which comes after marketing and is more about supporting a potential client’s decision to hire you (or not).

Christian coaches can do marketing well by approaching it as a form of ministry.  Marketing can be ministry when your marketing messages carry intrinsic value to those who receive those messages.  On the other hand, if the only purpose of your marketing is to sway people into hiring you, then they really aren’t receiving any value from the message.  Marketing that brings no intrinsic value to the recipient is manipulation, not ministry.

Christian coaches have unlimited possibilities for marketing that’s ministry.  Here are some simple examples:

  • If your coaching niche is local business owners, host a business leaders round-table forum once a quarter.
  • If your coaching niche is public school administrators, create a monthly newsletter highlighting best practices for the industry.
  • If your coaching niche is healthy living, create a podcast where you interview dieticians, physicians, and others who have valuable information and insights.
  • If your coaching niche is ministers preparing for a sabbatical, create a sabbatical guidebook for churches.

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