Renew Your ICF Credential

Monthly Focus for October 2019

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches we are talking about renewing your ICF credential.  Brian will be leading an awesome webinar on the topic.  (If you miss the webinar, you can get the archived recording here on the membership site.)

One of the most common questions I hear from coaches is some version of “Why should I get a coaching credential?”  The truth is that not every coach should seek an ICF credential (don’t tell the ICF I said that!).  But many coaches do benefit from being credentialed and the benefits mostly come down to two things: confidence and credibility.

Confidence is the internal dynamic of believing that you are a qualified, capable coach who can actually help others.  Being credentialed gives some coaches a real confidence boost because they feel more “legit” having gone through the necessary steps to be credentialed.

Credibility is an external dynamic whereby others believe that you are a qualified, capable coach who can help them.  Depending on your coaching clientele, a third-party such as the ICF can boost your credibility among those who don’t know you that well and are looking for signals that you are a good coach.

I’m curious about your experience with being credentialed.  Did you decide to be credentialed (or not) based on confidence, credibility, or some other factor.  It’d be a huge benefit to other community members if you’d share your experience in the private Facebook group for the CAM Community.  If you’re not on Facebook, that’s no problem – just email your experiences to our Community Coordinator Martin Torres and he’ll post them for you.  Just tell your story about being credentialed – What motivated you?  What was the experience like?  What have been the results?  What advice would you give other coaches?

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