Take Your Website Seriously (But Not Too Seriously)

Monthly Focus for June 2019

This month in the CAM Community of Coaches, we are giving attention to coaching websites.  We had a webinar addressing the seriousness of your website (serious, but not too serious!).  The webinar replay is available here on the CAM Membership site if you missed it.

At CAM, we’ve had to discipline ourselves to not overdo our website.  What does it mean to “overdo” it?  For us, three things:

  1. Expect the website to attract tons of new coaches. It took us years to learn the simple lesson that 99% of great websites are not magnets (attracting new people) but welcome mats (helping people who are already looking for you find what they’re looking for).
  2. Constantly adjusting the site. Brian and I both love the tech side of things, so we have to restrain ourselves when it comes to tweaking, adjusting and re-vamping the website.  While you can’t totally ignore your website, managing a good site is more like crock-pot cooking than stir fry.
  3. Valuing looks over substance. I’ll admit it, I am as sucker for a website with pretty pictures and pleasing aesthetics.  While I’d love for the CAM site to be like a work of art, I’ve had to learn that a website is more work than art.  In other words, it has to get the job done, not just look great.

I’m curious what your experience with your website has been:

  • What have been the hard-learned lessons?
  • What lessons are you still trying to learn?
  • What’s causing you the most struggle?

Please share your experience in the private Facebook group.  Not on Facebook?  Email your experiences to our Community Coordinator Martin Torres and he’ll post them for you.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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